Wellness Works is an initiative proposed by one of our associates at Eastern. Wellness Works is an all encompassing program that focuses on the mental and physical needs of our Associates. Maintaining good health is a win/win situation for the employee and employer. A healthy employee is more energetic and focused while at work. Initiating Wellness Works within your own company can result in fewer sick days utilized as well as the potential of health care costs decreasing over time.

Here at Eastern there are several ways in which wellness is highlighted. Healthy recipes or tips regarding wellness are posted regularly in our internal newsletter as well as on our intranet. Keeping the idea of wellness at the forefront of thought for our employees is so important in helping them make the choice for themselves. Some aspects of the program include:

  • Healthy options available in the break room such as fruit, granola bars, yogurt, and oatmeal.
  • Lunch and Laugh program available once a month for associates who want to gather during their lunch hour and watch The Andy Griffith Show or I Love Lucy.
  • Associates are encouraged to form groups and walk on lunch break once a week or more.

The sky is the limit with the depth in which this program can soar. Depending on availability of funds and involvement there are several other aspects that could be included in your program such as monetary rewards for losing weight or programs to help smokers quit that habit. At a recent Associate Appreciation Day, Eastern gave everyone a water bottle, pedometer, and pamphlet on the benefits of walking. For more information, please contact kathryn.salley@easternfirst.com.