Trutorq ActuatorTruTorq actuators are designed to combine the perfect balance of power; durability and safety, in a compact and lightweight form. The result is a complete range of pneumatic quarter turn actuators for accurate control of valves, in a wide range of applications. The basic design is of double rack & pinion. Unique features of the Trutorq actuator are:

  • Twin Guide Bars: Unique twin guide bars absorbs adverse side loading from rack at the start of each stroke and maintains even engagement between rack & pinion for smooth operation.
  • Piston Wear Pads: The dual encapsulated wear pads absorb the adverse side loading at the start of each stroke. The 4 wear pads also ensure no metal to metal contact thus providing low friction travel.
  • Triple Shaft Bearings: Eliminates metal to metal contact and absorbs the impact load on the stop cam drive mechanism.
  • Back Up Bearing: Increases life span of the piston “O” seal and improves (reduces) friction travel.
  • Driveshaft & Cam: The shaft and adjustment cam are machined from solid bar material. The cam mechanism allows for 2.5 degree overtravel in both directions. The depth of the drive shaft allows for direct mount of any valve.
  • Body Adaptor Kit and Stop Adjustments: Recessed into the actuator main body is the body adapter kit (B.A.K.) is drilled in accordance to ISO standards. This allows the actuator to be interchangeable with a wide range of valves for direct mounting using an interchangeable sleeve. The B.A.K is also fitted with our open and closed dual stop end adjustment and locking screws. This is external to actuator pressure and a great safety feature.
  • Springs: Unique patented spring design located inside piston rack. Spring return units utilize the same end covers as the double acting actuators.

The actuator body comes in a black powder coated anodized aluminum for standard applications plus a patented CNI (Chemically Nickel Impregnated) protected finish for corrosive applications.

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