A message from Chris Balodis on how he utilized Eastern’s Mission Day Program:

For 4 days in August, I utilized some mission time, and worked alongside the production team at NewSpring Church, in the TD Convention Center, to help take on the task of a complete set change. If you have ever attended a service at NewSpring Church, you know there is nothing traditional about it.

On Sunday after the 6pm service ended, we began the task of dismantling the existing set. By 10pm that night, all that remained of the old set was the stage. Monday morning, we began rebuilding and creating what was a mere pencil sketch on a piece of paper.  After a 12-hour day, we had made good progress, but still had much to do. Tuesday was another 12-hour day consisting of a lot of rigging and time in a scissor lift, or a man lift, up near the ceiling. This does not bode well with me since I am afraid of heights; however, I persevered and got the job done.  

Final stretch came on Wednesday as we incorporated more LED lights on cable wires and added some final touches to the stage before FUSE (student ministries) started that evening. This experience has given me an appreciation for the production team and what they give to the people who attend a service, and to make it a memorable one. I have since taken my next step and became a part of the church by serving with the production team. I am now very much a part of providing that very experience every Sunday from behind the scenes.