“This was my third time visiting the children’s home. Every time is special just like the first time. It is awesome to go back and see all of the kids and watch them grow as the years pass. Some of the ones that were there on my first trip are now graduating from college and starting to look for a career. There were a lot of new kids as well, it was awesome getting to know them too. You don’t realize how blessed you are here in the States until you visit a country that has real poverty and problems. No matter how little we think we have here when you go somewhere like that you realize just how well off you are. They have so little but they have pure happiness and contentment. My favorite part of the trip was when a lot of the kids remembered me from previous trips. They would come up and hug me as if I were a family member. I always get something special out of visiting and spending time with everyone at Daily Bread. I appreciate Neema and Mpeli opening their home to us graciously as always. I look forward to returning many more times.”

~Trey S

Spartanburg, SC