February 27, 2009


A shared vision combined with a common desire to change the lives of orphaned children led Eastern Cares to partner with Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe in 2005 to begin the Daily Bread Life Children’s Home in Iringa, Tanzania.


By definition, children’s home translates into orphanage. However, as the children there will quickly tell you, “This is our home. We are no longer orphans. We have a family, and Baba and Momma (Mpeli and Neema) are our father and mother.” Thus, the original name, DBL Orphanage, was changed to DBL Children’s Home.


Today, 35 children share a life together in an environment focused on intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical development. From emaciated faces with lifeless expressions to transformed faces beaming with smiles, the children now dance and sing with joy and spend all their extra time playing soccer.


The dream of the Mwaisumbe family is that these children will be future leaders of Tanzania. Through the partnership with Eastern Cares, this dream has the potential to become reality, not only in the provision of a place to call home, but also in assisting the Children’s Home with development of local support through marketplace projects.


The hope of providing greater service to children without parents and street children has begun to expand the services of DBL Children’s Home in the Iringa District as local churches, groups, and individuals are assisting in the various projects. The goal is that by 2015, the Children’s Home will be fully funded through local support.


This partnership, facilitated through Teleios Ministry, has created an example of love, encouragement and relationships that makes DBL Children’s Home a model for all of Tanzania on the care of children and their development. Eastern Cares is excited to be a part of the growing care for children in Tanzania.