December 1, 2008

Coronary Heart Disease is the number three killer in the United States. Heart attacks are tragic but unfortunately are not rare in today’s society. However, when such tragedy struck Daniel Arnold a twelve-year-old boy in Greenville, the shock rang throughout the community. This time last year Arnold , seemingly a typical child, suffered a massive heart attack. Luckily he was able to make a remarkable recovery which allowed him to return to school earlier than doctors had anticipated.

However, a problem arose with one of his repaired heart valves. This problem led to serious issues for young Arnold such as an enlarged heart and liver. It was clear he would need additional surgery. In the spring of 2008, doctors were successful in correcting Arnold’s enlarged heart and liver.

Richy Milligan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, first met Arnold while coaching a youth recreational football team in the fall of 2007. Recognizing the financial burden the Arnold family acquired from all the medical procedures necessary to save Daniel’s life, Milligan wanted to reach out and help. Richy turned to the Eastern Cares program to meet a need. Funds were collected, and Richy Milligan was able to present a check as a contribution to the Daniel Arnold Fund.

As a result of the recent surgeries, doctors limited Daniel’s activities which meant no playing football this season. However, Daniel did not miss a beat playing the role of assistant coach for Richy Milligan.