January 20, 2009

In November, I went with a missions group called Sports Evangelism and Missions (SEAM) to the Dominican Republic. We met up with Score International and between the two organizations, there were 260 people involved in the mission trip. Each day, we split into five groups and went to various cities to lead baseball clinics teaching infield, outfield, pitching, catching and hitting. We saw thousands of boys each day at these clinics. What a passion these kids have for baseball!

After each day’s clinic, we brought the boys together to share the Gospel with them and their families. Throughout the week, we saw a total of 7,000 boys ranging in age from 4 – 18. While we were there, 1,700 boys and parents made a decision for Christ. What an awesome opportunity God gave me to see people so void of material possession, yet so passionate about life. Whether visiting with boys at the baseball clinics, orphans at the local orphanage, or just coming in contact with vendors on the street, they all just seemed so happy. I was truly blessed to be part of such a cool trip. Watching the Dominican people I worked with at these clinics turn their hearts to God was amazing. Their passion for a ballgame has now become a passion for God. I only hope that I can continually claim a passion like that for the God we serve.

Darin Sundeen
Greenville, SC