December 1, 2009

When I left Africa, I knew I would have trouble finding the words to accurately describe the past week. God’s faithfulness and generosity are abounding across our entire world, and I was fortunate to get the opportunity in November to serve His African children. Africa is an incredible place to visit. The people are the most joyful and gracious individuals I have ever met. I traveled with a team from my church, NewSpring, to Kenya.

NewSpring has partnered with The 410 Bridge and committed to serve the Segera community for the next three years. While in Kenya our team split into three groups to accomplish different tasks. We had a group working on construction, a group performing jigger removal/training, and a group working in the schools. The group working on construction was able to see the completion of a well project that began in June. On Thanksgiving Day, we all participated in the well dedication ceremony with the community at Black Tank. Jigger removal training was offered to our entire team. The core group went out daily to different central locations within communities and towns to perform jigger removal and to spray homes with pesticides. I spent most of my time in Africa in various schools. In the schools we spent our time pouring into the children. We taught them Bible stories and sang songs. We gave them the opportunity to be creative and encouraged them to dream. These children were starved for attention. Flocks of children would gather around our group wherever we traveled; they just wanted to be in our presence and play. I truly hope that some day I will get to go back to Kenya and see the progress that the community has made.


Kathryn Salley
Greenville, SC