August 5, 2010

Grandchildren are precious gifts from God. They have the special ability to wipe away the pain that can take residence in one’s heart and replace it with joy. My grandchildren can easily brighten my day with their unconditional love and silly antics.

Carter is my eldest grandchild, and when he was much younger, he surprised me with a huge, gaudy ring. He had purchased this ring with the tokens he had won at Chuck E. Cheese. To this day when I see that ring in my jewelry box, my heart is touched by his genuine gesture that was filled with love and kindness. One day recently I was at Carter’s house, and I accidentally broke my sunglasses by knocking them onto the floor. I was so upset because they were new and now useless. Carter thought for a moment and then went running to get me a pair of star-shaped sunglasses he had received at a party. He told me that now I had a new pair of sunglasses! That special pair of glasses is now in a special spot, my jewelry box. They will be there to help wipe away a pain – sadness, hurt, anger – that may be in my heart someday.

Lord, please help us to remember to be tender to those around us, so they may be able to have help with a hurting heart.

Vicki Mullen
Greenville, SC