August 17, 2009

From August 10-14, I was fortunate enough to be able to give back to the community I grew up in. Souledout4God Ministry offered a free baseball camp to any willing participants in the Westminster, SC area.

On average 26 kids ranging from 10 to 13 years old showed up for camp each day. The camp began with a wide range of stretches to ensure that all the kids took good care of their bodies since this was a main focus of the camp. Then we completed an assortment of throwing drills to teach the children proper throwing mechanics. Following throwing drills, we split the kids into 3 stations: infield, outfield, and pitching. Each station was designed to give the children proper training in each major position. Each day after major position training, we had a mid-morning break in which someone would come and present a Christ-centered devotion. The whole purpose for the camp was to teach children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing to see how attentive the kids were to the Gospel. Each day we sent home a slip of paper with a Bible question that would be asked the next day. Kids would come back with the answer written down on a piece of scrap paper in their handwriting. It was great to see the kids excited about answering these questions. After the devotion we would focus on batting. Then for the remainder of the day we would split the kids up into 4 teams and play games. This was a great way to help the children put some of their new knowledge into practice. At the end of the week each child received a t-shirt from Souledout4God and a Bible to take home. Praise be to Jesus Christ and Eastern for allowing me to serve.

Caleb Owen
Greenville, SC