December 21, 2009

What a blessing to talk to people that see the good in others and not the negatives. I have a very special Aunt Betty that is a perfect example in this respect. Aunt Betty coordinates family functions because she has a genuine love for each individual. Aunt Betty has reminded me that even the unlovable are lovable.

Do you have relatives that grate on your nerves and make you question how they could be related to you? Well, if you do, you need an Aunt Betty! Of course, the greatest example of this was Jesus Christ. He was so loving. He died for the sinner who had no redeeming value. If we truly love our fellow human being and really truly love them we will see the good attributes in their lives. If we truly love one another we could not possibly whisper an evil word against them.

How much love in our hearts do we have for those around us! This is the time of year when we think of the love of family and friends.
‘Lord, help us to love others as ourselves. Lord, help us to be an example of this love to someone else.’

Vicki Mullen
Greenville, SC