October 28, 2009

Eastern recently had the opportunity to help Miracle Hill Ministries (MHM), which is involved in several areas of ministry throughout Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina.  MHM operates a boys shelter, children’s home, women’s shelter, and a rescue mission that supplies food and shelter for the homeless.  They have many programs within these arms of ministry to serve the community.

A member of the local community recently purchased a duplex apartment near downtown Greenville and donated it to MHM.  A local church, Mitchell Road Presbyterian, where I am a member, agreed to help out with the remodel and restoration of the duplex.  Eastern, with the added assistance of our Vendor Partners, Matco-Norca and BrassCraft,  took the opportunity to support our community by donating plumbing fixtures for the duplex, which will be used for the Overcomers Program, an extension of the Greenville Rescue Mission.  The purpose of the Overcomers Program is to help individuals who are ready to make meaningful changes in their lives, after many years of struggling with addictions and making poor choices.  The program consists of counseling, Bible study, devotional services, classroom instruction, and seminars.  After completing the 27-week, 12-step program, individuals will have the opportunity to move into the transitional housing duplex, as they work to find employment and save money for their next transition.  Eastern looks forward to seeing the progress being made on this project and the positive impact it will have on the lives of people in  our community.  For more information on Miracle Hill Ministries, visit www.miraclehill.com.