January 28, 2010

The campus of the Daily Bread Life Children’s Home in Iringa, Tanzania, has a new building, the Secondary School-Age Dorm. The children are very excited, and as you are reading  this newsletter, four of the children who will be attending Secondary School this year will have moved into this new dorm.

Compliant with all government codes and regulations, this dorm is designed to accommodate both boys and girls. It has four bedrooms – two boys’ rooms and two girls’ rooms – that sleep six people per bedroom; boys’ and girls’ bathrooms with two showers and two toilets each, as well as a large gathering/dining room and a matron’s room. The bedrooms are large enough to provide space for desks and furniture for the children.

Through the generosity of Teleios Ministry partners, all of the children who qualified for secondary school this year received scholarships. These four, Agnes, Teresa, Agrey and Chris, were in the first group of children to come to the Children’s Home four years ago.

Another example of how Teleios partners contribute to help the Children’s Home is Bob Stewart of Greenville. Bob helped with drawing the design of the building and made a few adjustments to a rough draft that Mpeli Mwaisumbe and Floyd Parker developed. As a result of the work done by Bob, the local builder in Tanzania wants Bob involved in every project he directs.

Indicative of Bob’s overall contribution is his attention to detail, particularly in his willingness to expound upon the original draft. Because of this initiative, he incorporated an extra door in the originally proposed design. Unbeknownst to Bob, the Tanzanian government, in response to some tragic events related to secondary schools, now requires emergency exits for these types of buildings. The new dorm fully complies with a regulation that no one knew about when Bob first developed his design and included the extra door.

The addition of this dorm has also opened up space for four new children who arrived at the Children’s Home last week.