April 23, 2010

It is so wonderful to have the Lord with you always. When you know the Lord, He is constantly with you, but have you ever needed Him to literally hold your hand?

Three years ago I had some major surgeries, and when I physically could not control my body, He sent those that knew Him into my path. I was not able to keep my body still, so the Lord intervened in a real way. The first person to help me was a beautiful lady who was my nurse in the hospital. Shetalked about the Lord to me, andI told her I knew Him, too.She then asked if we could have a word of prayer.After she left, Wayne, my husband, and I heard her and other ladies singing as if we were at a camp meeting. (How often does that happen in a hospital?)

Each nurse I came in contact with knew the Lord in a personal way. The Lord placed them there to comfort me, and it was as if He sent His angels to minister to me. I asked this Godly nurse if she would be accompanying me into surgery, and she said she was the head charge nurse and would not be able to come. Yet, she informed me her niece, who was also a nurse who knew the Lord, would accompany me into surgery. In fact, another nurse tried to take me in, but the niece would not allow it.

As I was ready to leave the hospital another nurse said to me, “Do you know these are the best days of your life. The Lord will be very real to you now.” The Lord had every nurse I came in contact with minister to me.

Thank you, Lord, for being there in the form of other Christians. Please use me and others that know you to hold someone’s Hands today!

Vicki Mullen
Greenville, SC