September 30, 2010

An article written a few years back listed the most dangerous intersection for accidents in the United States as the corner of Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  During the two year study, that intersection saw 357 accidents, averaging nearly 1 reported accident every 2 days.

Sometimes as we drive down the road of life, we come to dangerous intersections.  We sometimes refer to these intersections as “crossroads.”  These are the times when the decisions we make can and, most likely, will influence the rest of our lives.  Do we stop or go on?  Do we turn right or left?  Go forward or turn back?  Perhaps you feel you are at a dangerous intersection in your life right now.
What do you do in such times?  How do you know the right thing to do?  Of course, when we are driving we will often just follow the GPS.  But what happens when you cannot buy a gadget to get you through life decisions?

Let me suggest a couple of thoughts for your consideration:
 1) Know where you want to go.  People rarely take a trip without a destination.  If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you arrive? 
 2) Know who you are following.  If you are in a caravan, you want to follow the right leader or you could end up at the wrong end point. 
Have you ever asked someone for directions only to find out they were as lost as you?  Think of the many decisions you make each day that are so important.  How do you find the right balance between work and family?  How do you find the right balance between grace and discipline with your children?  How do you consistently make the kind of decisions that build up your spouse instead of tearing down?  How do you make the decisions that give you financial freedom instead of keeping you in slavery? 

In the beginning I mentioned the dangerous intersection, and hopefully something has been done to correct that problem.  How foolish is it to know a problem exists yet do nothing?  The same is true in life.  How foolish is it to face dangerous intersections daily and do nothing to help us get through them safely??  We all want to go in the direction that leads to success.
May I suggest, before anything else, you make sure you have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He will give you your life’s direction.  Jesus is offering you a life of immeasurably more than you have ever imagined (Ephesians 3:20).

From our Company Newsletter, The Pipeline.  Authored by Curtis Parker, our Atlanta location’s chaplain.