October 21, 2009  

Do you ever wonder what you can do as a ministry while working full time?  Something that encourages and blesses the hearts and spirits of people is a ministry of cards and occasional gifts.

When I had cancer I knew that people were thinking and praying for me through their cards.  When you know the Lord personally, He shows you He loves you through many different avenues.  I felt like whenever I received anything it was straight from the Lord showing me He loved me.  How wonderful to have a part in God’s ministry.  Sometimes, He directs us to do special deeds for others.  One day during my chemo experience, I was craving a particular bread from Harvest Bread Company.  My husband, who was doing so much for me, was unable to go by there; so, I thought I will not mention it again today.  The Lord, however, knew what I wanted.  The next morning I got up and looked on the front porch.  There was the cinnamon bread that I had craved.  I called my sister-in-law, who had delivered many things to my front porch during this time, and asked her if she had brought that to me.  She said she had brought it at 10:00 PM the day that I had craved it, not knowing I had wanted it.  Who delivers bread at 10:00 PM?  The Lord had used her to minister to me.  I felt the love of the Lord.  We may not have the time, energy, or money to do that type of thing all the time, but we can sit down and tell someone in a card that we love them and are praying for them.  Keep an open heart so the Lord will be able to guide you.  I have a feeling the blessings will reach beyond the ones receiving to the ones giving as well.

The Lord says in John 21, that if we love Him we will take care of His sheep.  May the Lord help us all to love His sheep.

Vicki Mullen
Greenville, SC