July 13, 2010

The 2nd Annual Josh Worley Benefit Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, July 10th at Hejaz Golf Club in Mauldin, SC.  Chris Balodis from our Greenville location and Dustin Sawyer from our General Electric location along with Rich Carrington and Tony Norris, participated in the day’s events.  Eastern Cares sponsored a hole and several employees gave personal donations towards the cause. The day’s events raised $15,000 for Josh and his family. 
Josh celebrated his 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on June 26th of this year and is now considered a Cancer Survivor. Although his battle is far from over, he is a part of an elite club (5%) who live past the first year of diagnosis with this aggressive cancer.  Josh is so special to Eastern because he was the Greenville location’s UPS driver for many years.  Josh built lasting relationships with Eastern Associates easily with his outgoing personality and optimistic attitude towards life.  Those relationships have continued to grow as Josh shines a light of hope and positivity through his trials.

Pictured Left to Right:  Chris Balodis, Josh Worley, Rich Carrington, and Dustin Sawyer