May 17, 2010

On Friday May 14th I had the privilege of participating in field day at Mauldin Middle School with my daughter, Courtney. I was so excited that she asked me, and I said yes right away. Field day is like a small carnival with events such as tug of war or water games and lots of cotton candy, popcorn, slush’s for the kids. I was in charge of the hula hoop pass. Each team makes a circle, hold hands, and tries to pass the hula hoop to the next person without using their hands. We had small, medium, and large hoops. I am not as flexible as I used to be, but I was able to get myself through the hoop. It was fun to participate with the kids; we laughed and had a great time. Plus I had extra quality time with Courtney.

Laura LaBoone
Greenville, SC