December 15, 2008

Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc is a company that has been a blessing to my family and me in several different ways. Not only did the company give me the opportunity to work for them to fulfill my internship requirements for school, but they have also opened the doors for me to stay here and begin my career.

Another way that Eastern has impacted my life is through the Eastern Cares program. Because of the generous contributions from other employees to fund the Cares program, I was able to obtain a scholarship for all four years of my college career. Currently, the Cares program is also helping me financially as I work towards earning my Master’s degree for Business Administration. After graduation, many students come away with a heavy financial burden that can be very overwhelming, but with help from the Cares program, I am able to focus more on my career and my future rather than stressing and worrying about how to pay off incredible amounts of student loans. I am truly thankful for the Eastern Cares program and for all of the help it has been able to bring to so many people.

Brandy Johnson
Greenville, SC