December 8, 2010

The results are in on the National Exams for students entering the Secondary School level. Exam scores determine the quality of school that a student can attend. All three of the students from Daily Bread Life Children’s Home passed their national exams and are qualified to enter Secondary School! A fourth student is going into secondary school. She has had only five years of school and has covered eight years of school in those five. She did not take the national exam because she is being moved from the 7th grade to the 9th grade. This year seven of the DBL students are attending the secondary school. The most exciting news is that one of the students, Douda, qualified to attend the best school in the region. Douda is always smiling but always up to some kind of mischief. Until last year, Mpeli and Neema had real problems with him attending class and staying in trouble. He had grown up on the streets. Finally, last year he made the decision that he would do his best. He has never been an exceptional student. In fact, Mpeli had already begun to look for vocational training for him because he did not believe that he would do well on the exams. To everyone’s surprise, Douda was in the highest percentile of exam scores. Everyone here is celebrating this transformation in Douda’s life.  Let’s all join in celebration of the great work God is doing in Tanzania!

Pictured right is Mpeli instructing the secondary students.

Floyd Parker – Director of Eastern Cares
Greenville, SC