July 31, 2009

My family and I just recently went on a mission trip. However, instead of journeying to a foreign country, our mission work took us to Camp Providence in Anderson, SC on Lake Hartwell. Originally founded by Archie Morgan, Camp Providence is an outreach ministry formally known as Crisis Ministries. Camp Providence takes place at the Old Providence United Methodist Church located directly on Lake Hartwell. The church is well over a hundred years old, and the facilities are kept in very good condition.

Every summer, teenagers arrive from churches across the Southeast. These teenagers, along with adult supervision, then turn their focus towards reaching out to the less fortunate children in the area. The teenagers act as counselors and are given the task of conveying to these children who Jesus is and how He loves them. My family and I spent a week with the counselors — supervising and assisting in activities.We discovered that missions can be achieved right here in our very own backyard. A mission is quite simply this: sharing and demonstrating the love and the salvation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to people who are in need of Him. We feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have been a part of this mission outreach.

Stephen Spearman
Anderson, SC