July 15, 2010

This summer my family and I were able to volunteer at Camp Providence again.  Camp Providence gives kids who cannot afford to go to camp, the experience of camp as well as the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  It is very important that we reach the young people with the message of Jesus Christ’s redemptive power and love.  Most of these young people have already been introduced to street gangs.  The kids all seem to be looking for the same thing, someone who will love and accept them unconditionally.  This camp does just that, it treats everyone the same regardless of who they are.  It should be an example to us all.

My family and I were able to take part in various activities with the kids.  We met kids from areas all around Anderson.  My last day there I was given the opportunity to lead the devotional.  I chose the story of the walls of Jericho, and I used it to get the kids involved, some of them were the walls and some were the Israelites.  They were able to see that when you follow God sometimes you may face a wall, but if you continue to listen and obey God the walls will come tumbling down.  The walls represent the devil and how he wants to keep us from Heaven.  If we do things God’s way, then we are always victorious against the devil.  If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior then we too can have triumph over the walls in our lives.

For more information on Camp Providence please visit http://www.campprovidence.com/

Stephen Spearman
Anderson, SC