August 31, 2010

It is that time of year for Back to School shopping! This time of year was always my favorite, second only to Christmas. I love new school supplies and all the options that came with picking my new backpack, lunch box, trapper keeper, and pencil collection. Sadly, for many kids this time of year can be painful and embarrassing. Some kids may not be able to afford school supplies at all. I imagine the first day of school would be hard and scary knowing you don’t possess the tools to succeed in the classroom.

Eastern felt it was important to do our part and help support a local organization prepare for the school year. Associates donated brand new school supplies to be given to The Boys Home of the South. Presently the home is housing 52 boys ranging in ages from 5 to 18. The state has cut over $500,000 from their budget this year, so if you would like to help contribute school supplies or volunteer in some other way please visit

Kathryn Salley