Eastern and Bell-O-Seal are well qualified to provide technical assistance for applications involving hazardous fluids and gasses. Bell-O-Seal Valves are an optimum choice worldwide for a broad range of applications. The exceptional versatility, superior operating characteristics, robust construction, and consistent dependability of Bell-O-Seal Valves have won widespread acceptance in our industry in specifications such as Chevron, DSM, and Formsa Plastics. Steam, chemical, and hydrocarbon processing are typical applications. Other applications include but are not limited to: thermic fluid, ammonia, chlorine, phosgene, butadine, benzene, ethylene, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, steam, and fatty acid. Uniquely engineered and performance tested Bell-O-Seal Valves assure safer operating conditions and compliance with anti-pollution regulations. The “Zero Stem Leakage” design eliminates fugitive emission hazards to humans and the environment, plus costly downtime required to maintain standard packed valves. In fact, each valve has a five-year leak free (through the stem) guarantee for 20,000 cycles on/off.  Bell-O-Seal Valves are available in all standard sizes in ANSI flanged, threaded, and weld end configurations.


Belloseal Valves