Reliable and Cost-Effective Polypropylene Solutions for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Applications


The NIRON product from Eastern is manufactured with Advanced Beta Crystalline Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-RCT) which allows for a higher pressure rating at higher temperatures of standard PPR.  Eastern’s NIRON system is used in place of copper, steel, and other materials at a lower installation cost.  Produced since 1982 by Nupigeco, over 200,000 miles of pipe and fittings have been installed in five continents with complete customer satisfaction.¹

Eastern is happy to introduce this solution as a NIRON distributor in the Southeast with inventory 1/2″ through 24″ to support our customers’ projects

  • Low thermal expansion
  • Corrosion, abrasion, and scale resistance
  • Low toxicity
  • Low-noise insulation options
  • Lower labor costs
  • Less construction waste
  • Energy efficient
  • Estimated lifespan of 100+ years for standard domestic water applications based on ASTM tests
  • 30-year warranty
  • Simple yet precise joining methods:  Socket Fusion, Butt Fusion, Electrofusion, and Compression
  • No traditional arc welding
  • Less material waste
  • Up to 50% faster installation than metallic pipe
  • Compatible with other pipe materials
  • Suitable for direct bury
  • Chilled and hot water
  • High flow rate and velocities


Niron Application - Hydronic Heating
Niron Application - HVAC
Niron Application - Water: Chilled Recycle, Glycol, and Brine
Niron Application - Liquid Chemicals
Niron Application - Compressed Air
Niron Application - Geothermal

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Since 1946, WIDOS Logo has been constantly searching for new technical solutions in the specialized field of welded joints and contributes to the safety of service systems.  Eastern can sell or rent the machine that meets your specific needs and train your people to use the equipment safely and efficiently.

WIDOS Logo machines offer safe, trouble- and waste-free pipe welds and are made for simple and easy operating.  It will take away the performance pressure and increase the motivation of your team by lowering physical stress with less noise and lower weight.  Constant improvement of productivity in economically difficult times with price competition increasing is the key to continuing your success.

All the Widos Machines available through Eastern

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Eastern is providing training to our customers.  We can also provide specification assistance and project quotations.  Eastern has been building relationships with our customers for over 35 years and will work with you to determine if the NIRON Logo system is the right solutions for your piping projects.  Eastern is stocking a significant inventory of pipe, fittings, and fusion equipment to support your projects and deliver installed cost savings.  Please contact your Eastern branch for information.

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¹All Niron information is from Niron Catalog 2015.

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