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Update from India

March 31, 2009

Eastern is proud to partner with Bell-O-Seal Valves on an endeavor that will hopefully revolutionize a community.  We have received updated pictures from India.  This project will hopefully be completed in May of 2009.  To learn more about the church and commuinty in which it is being built please click here.

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Red Cross Certification

March 11, 2009

Our Huntsville location just recently completed First Aid, CPR, and Defibrillator Training on February 28, 2009. Ten Associates and three family members participated which was a very good turnout. Everyone in attendance learned how to help fellow employees if an emergency situation were to occur while at work. Plus training can be utilized outside of the Eastern walls within the community or at home with loved ones if the need for assistance arises.

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The Vision of a Children’s Home

February 27, 2009


A shared vision combined with a common desire to change the lives of orphaned children led Eastern Cares to partner with Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe in 2005 to begin the Daily Bread Life Children’s Home in Iringa, Tanzania.

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Eastern Hires Tom Parham – Jan. 29, 2009

Tom Parham joined Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc as an Outside Sales Representative. With over thirty-nine years of experience in the Commercial Plumbing market, Parham will focus on exceeding customer expectations in the Western North Carolina area as well as growing this territory. As a long time, respected member of the Asheville community, Eastern is excited to have Parham on board. Located at 1262 Hendersonville Road in Asheville, Eastern is a full-line distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, and plumbing supplies.


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Thanks for Registering

~ Eastern Industrial

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ToiletEastern stocks American Standard, TOTO, and Crane toilets from residential tank type water closets to commercial flush valve type water closets.

  • Regular to ADA height
  • 1.6 GPF to low consumption 1.28 GPF
  • Comfort width available

Our plumbing department is available to help you with all your plumbing supply needs and inquiries about our product offerings! Contact us at or 864.288.8520.


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Elkay Bottle Filler

RetrofitCheck out videos on the Elkay Bottle Fillers.

Ideal for:

  • Education
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Fitness clubs
  • Hospitality
  • Airports

EZH2O rovides a rapid fill of filtered water to quench thirst and helps minimize disposable plastic bottle waste in the environment.

  • The EZH2O fill rate is 1.1-1.5 gpm; 3 times faster than a traditional drinking fountain
  • One-handed operation allows for a quick fill between activities
  • The electronic sensor provides touchless, sanitary operation; just place and fill
  • New WaterSentry® Plus 3000 gallon filter is included (NSF approved for taste, odor, and lead reduction
  • Integrated Silver Ion Anti-microbial protects against mold and mildew growth
  • Innovative Green Ticker counts the quantity of 16 oz bottles saved from landfills for non-refrigerated units and 12 oz bottles saved for refrigerated units
  • Laminar flow provides a clean fill with minimal splash and easy maintenance


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TruTorq Actuator

Trutorq ActuatorTruTorq actuators are designed to combine the perfect balance of power; durability and safety, in a compact and lightweight form. The result is a complete range of pneumatic quarter turn actuators for accurate control of valves, in a wide range of applications. The basic design is of double rack & pinion. Unique features of the Trutorq actuator are:

  • Twin Guide Bars: Unique twin guide bars absorbs adverse side loading from rack at the start of each stroke and maintains even engagement between rack & pinion for smooth operation.
  • Piston Wear Pads: The dual encapsulated wear pads absorb the adverse side loading at the start of each stroke. The 4 wear pads also ensure no metal to metal contact thus providing low friction travel.
  • Triple Shaft Bearings: Eliminates metal to metal contact and absorbs the impact load on the stop cam drive mechanism.
  • Back Up Bearing: Increases life span of the piston “O” seal and improves (reduces) friction travel.
  • Driveshaft & Cam: The shaft and adjustment cam are machined from solid bar material. The cam mechanism allows for 2.5 degree overtravel in both directions. The depth of the drive shaft allows for direct mount of any valve.
  • Body Adaptor Kit and Stop Adjustments: Recessed into the actuator main body is the body adapter kit (B.A.K.) is drilled in accordance to ISO standards. This allows the actuator to be interchangeable with a wide range of valves for direct mounting using an interchangeable sleeve. The B.A.K is also fitted with our open and closed dual stop end adjustment and locking screws. This is external to actuator pressure and a great safety feature.
  • Springs: Unique patented spring design located inside piston rack. Spring return units utilize the same end covers as the double acting actuators.

The actuator body comes in a black powder coated anodized aluminum for standard applications plus a patented CNI (Chemically Nickel Impregnated) protected finish for corrosive applications.

Learn more about the TruTorq Actuator.

Learn more about our products and services.


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Bell-O-Seal Valves

Eastern and Bell-O-Seal are well qualified to provide technical assistance for applications involving hazardous fluids and gasses. Bell-O-Seal Valves are an optimum choice worldwide for a broad range of applications. The exceptional versatility, superior operating characteristics, robust construction, and consistent dependability of Bell-O-Seal Valves have won widespread acceptance in our industry in specifications such as Chevron, DSM, and Formsa Plastics. Steam, chemical, and hydrocarbon processing are typical applications. Other applications include but are not limited to: thermic fluid, ammonia, chlorine, phosgene, butadine, benzene, ethylene, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, steam, and fatty acid. Uniquely engineered and performance tested Bell-O-Seal Valves assure safer operating conditions and compliance with anti-pollution regulations. The “Zero Stem Leakage” design eliminates fugitive emission hazards to humans and the environment, plus costly downtime required to maintain standard packed valves. In fact, each valve has a five-year leak free (through the stem) guarantee for 20,000 cycles on/off.  Bell-O-Seal Valves are available in all standard sizes in ANSI flanged, threaded, and weld end configurations.


Belloseal Valves


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Safety is No Accident

Eastern has instituted a workplace safety program called Safety is No Accident. Our management works hard to ensure proper training for each individual. Safety videos as well as frequent safety meetings keep safety at the forefront of thought for our Associates. Workplace safety is about preventing injury and illness to Associates in the workplace. Therefore, it’s about protecting the Eastern’s most valuable asset: our Associates. By protecting the Associates’ well-being, Eastern also reduces the amount of money paid out in health insurance benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and the cost of wages for temporary help. Also factor in saving the cost of lost-work hours (days away from work or restricted hours or job transfer), time spent in orienting temporary help, and the programs and services that may suffer due to fewer Associates, stress on those Associates who are picking up the absent workers’ share or, worse case, having to suspend or shut down a program due to lack of personnel.


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