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Greensboro Westover Church Youth in Atlanta

I am a member of Westover Church in Greensboro, NC. This summer, we took our entire youth group, consisting of 193 teens with 23 adult volunteers to Atlanta, GA, to serve with different non-profit organizations. The adult volunteers served as cooks, work group leaders, drivers, and supervisors. Our caravan for the eight-day trip included eighteen 15-passenger vans, three SUV’s, and a PENSKE truck for all the luggage, food, etc. We were housed at a youth center just outside of Atlanta, graciously provided by a Presbyterian church with which we are affiliated.

That first Sunday, we went to Passion City Church where our students got to hear Pastor Louie Giglio and Author/Evangelist Ravi Zacharias. During the week, our group worked with several different organizations throughout Atlanta. My group worked with Open Hands Atlanta, where we packaged and delivered specialized meal plans to many elderly with health conditions. In fact, it turned out that my group packaged and delivered more meals than any other volunteer group in the history of Open Hands Atlanta, some 11,300 meals. We now hold the best record, which was previously held by Home Depot.

One night during the week, our entire youth group partnered with Passion City Church and another organization serving food, delivering clothes, and sharing the gospel with the homeless in the heart of Atlanta.

All in all, my Westover group gave their best throughout the week in serving others and were fully renewed in our faith.


-Will J

Greensboro, NC

2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip 1
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip
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Jacksonville at The Sulzbacher Center

Five o’clock on an early summer morning, Joe Johnson, Dave Marshall, Larry Reno, and Joe’s father, Tony Johnson arrived at The Sulzbacher Center for the homeless in Jacksonville to assist in serving breakfast to the residents. On this particular morning, they were greeted by a former resident who now serves at the center as a way to show appreciation for the opportunity he now has to “give back,” as he had been a resident there some time ago. After serving breakfast, he then rides his bicycle ten miles to where he works! He puts over a hundred miles a week on his bicycle.

The Eastern crew shared that meeting this man and learning of the sacrifice he makes so that he can serve, helped them to put their “meager sacrifice” to serve in perspective and appreciating so much more their opportunity to serve others.

Jacksonville The Sulzbacher Center Joe and Dave preparing cereal
Jacksonville preparing food at The Sulzbacher Center Joe Larry and David
Jacksonville The Sulzbacher Center Joe serving coffee
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Chris B and 2016 Relay for Life

On April 29th, I volunteered for my 5th Relay for Life event that was held at Conestee Park in Greenville, SC. My main responsibility has been logistics for the event, from set-up to breakdown and everything that goes along with it. It is a lot of work, but it is rewarding work.

This year we introduced something new that I felt the event needed to recognize our Caregivers, the unsung heroes in the fight against cancer after I attended a conference last October and there was a lot of talk about caregiver’s and what we could do at our events to appreciate them more. I shared with the daughter of the recipient my plan and if she would like to make the presentation. With tears in her eyes, she agreed, which is good because I am not one to get in front of large crowds. As we got closer to the event, I received a text that she was not going to be able to keep it together and get through the presentation. There was only one thing I could do at that point, and that was to take her place on stage.

With the mic in my hand, and my speech in my back pocket, I spoke from the heart and I presented the first ever Caregiver of the Year award to Linda Schinck, who just lost her husband Charlie earlier this year. You may remember me asking for prayers for Charlie during some tough times. Charlie’s fight lasted 18 years and during that time, Charlie, along with his wife Linda, and daughter Andrea, were very active in RFL. When I initially thought about the caregiver award, Linda immediately came to mind. It was only fitting for the first award to go to her. I found a quote that I felt fit the award and its meaning perfectly and asked to have it inscribed at the bottom of the award. It simply said this, “One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.”


-Chris B

Chris Balodis - Relay for Life
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Charlotte and Project 658

The Charlotte Branch continues to support Project 658, a local ministry that works with immigrants moving to the city, providing education, clothing, meals and family support. The branch assisted in putting up new kitchen shelving and fixing an outside drainage problem. Daniel Guthery presented a check from Eastern Cares to Eric Bernier, Project 658 Coordinator working with the Eastern team.

Charlotte Project 658 Support Group Picture
Charlotte Project 658 Support
Charlotte Project 658 Support
Charlotte Project 658 Support Daniel Guthery Presenting Check to Eric Bernier
Charlotte Project 658 Support John Lucas
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Guatemala Mission with Carpenters for Christ

It was the summer of 2016 when I made a decision that would change my life.  At the age of 47, I went on my first mission trip with my 14-year-old son, Nathan, and it was a blessing beyond our expectations.

I often find myself asking what am I doing at home to make an impact on lives for Christ?   I am a husband, a father, a son, and an attorney and find myself inwardly focused on family, my job and soccer practices among other day-to-day commitments.  However, when an employer encourages, and provides the opportunity to serve others on a mission trip, it becomes easy to realize that I can have a larger impact beyond my small boundaries.  I am so grateful that Nathan and I had the opportunity to serve on a mission in Guatemala with Carpenters for Christ this past summer.  I must admit that when Nathan and I boarded the plane for our 3 ½ hour flight, we went with some fears and apprehensions, not knowing what to expect.

I am thrilled to say that our time together in Guatemala, and working with Carpenters for Christ, surpassed all expectations and has truly changed our lives.  We had opportunities to work with the elderly, special needs children, and orphans.  We worked on building a home for children with special needs, feeding the hungry at a landfill, and visiting sick children at a local hospital.  Every group that we served, every project that we undertook was more important, more touching than anything that I had ever been a part of prior to this trip.  More importantly, we were able to share the gospel of Christ through prayer and to share God’s love by serving others.  I observed that the people, the church, and the Christian community in Guatemala have deep faith and their lives are revolved around God and His great work.

When our week was over, Nathan did not want to leave! His life was changed forever. In fact, he asked- within 24 hours of being home- when can we go back with the whole family, and can we adopt two of the children that he met at the orphanage.  That’s correct- “adopt” not “sponsor!”  Our hearts will forever be tied to the Guatemalan people and we can’t thank Carpenters for Christ and Eastern Cares enough for changing our lives. By God’s grace, we will return…the sooner, the better!


-Chet Chea, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Greenville, SC

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Affiliate Press Release: EPTI has ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

This is a press release from our affiliate, Eastern Power Technologies, Inc.  Congratulations!


Eastern Power Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that American Systems Registrar, an accredited, third-party system registration, has determined EPTI has established a quality management system in conformance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 combines a process approach with risk-based thinking to help create a quality management system that encourages growth and sustained success. This brand new standard is more focused on actual performance as opposed to procedure like earlier versions. EPTI is excited to have a certified quality management system after striving for many years to provide our customers with a high level of service and quality products. This certification is an excellent step in letting our current and potential customers know that we are focused on performing to their standards and beyond.

Find out more about our quality policy and quality management system on our website:

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

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Niron Polypropylene Pipe Gets Massachusetts Approval

Niron’s PP-RCT piping solution was approved by the Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters after nearly a two-year evaluation period. This is wonderful news for Nupi Americas who manufacture Niron. You can read more about the approval process on the Massachusetts government site here:


Read more of the story here:


We are proud to offer Niron PP-RCT piping solution and you can learn more on our Niron and Widos page:

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A Vision Birthed in Trust

I’ll be honest, transparent. I wasn’t looking forward to yet again traveling half way around the world! The two-day trip to Iringa, Tanzania would be grueling for this 58-year old body.
I have been there many times before! So, why again? Because this trip was to be special.
It was the tenth year anniversary trip and it would prove to be the most eye-opening for me.

God’s word says that He is able to do more than you will ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20) and that is what He has done in Tanzania. Let me explain. About fourteen years ago, God gave Kim and I a desire, an idea, a directive, a nudge (whatever it was) to build an orphanage. Of course, we thought it was to
be built for Miracle Hill Ministries in Greenville, SC. For us, that would have been about a twenty-minute drive across town. But God said no – not twenty minutes across town.

A few months later, we had a potential English partner express a desire to build an orphanage in Romania. With much anticipation, Floyd Parker and I bought plane tickets to Romania. After visiting the potential construction site and reviewing the plans, I felt assured that it was not a match with our vision.

We returned home, and then God went silent.  We did not hear anything about building an orphanage from God for another eighteen months.

Then, in 2005, Floyd met Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe in Iringa, Directors of DBLCH, and the rest is history.  We discovered that Iringa had one of the highest aids related deaths in the world … and desperately needing an orphanage to care for children who were living in the bush. My thought was, “God, you are kidding, right? Build an orphanage halfway around the world in a partnership with people whom I have never met? That is crazy, how can we trust them? How about doing this twenty minutes across town, instead of two days across the globe?” God seemed to say, “just trust.” I realized, trust is the only thing we really have. So, in 2006, Daily Bread Life Orphanage opened to its first orphans. Several years later, the children asked to change the name to Daily Bread Life Children’s Home because now, they said, “we have a mother and a father.” With trust, and now 10 years later, over 80 children have been given a home, food, clothing, medical care, and love. Fifteen who once lived in the bush have grown into young adults studying in technical colleges and universities preparing for their future. Since this journey began, five Christian churches have been started, three businesses established, with several more planned, a secondary school has been built, a widows ministry has begun, and a foster care organization established with over 240 kids in Tanzania family foster care. Most important of all, untold numbers have come to know Christ for the first time! Wow!

God did not choose Greenville or Romania – He chose Tanzania. He determines the place and the details. We determine if we are to trust.

Halfway around the world, God led us to join in His work to impact the lives of people we did not know.  Why half way around the world? Trust and obey, there is no other way.

-Kip Miller, President/CEO of Eastern Industrial Supplies

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Eastern Cares: Mission Trip to Samana, Dominican Republic

We love hearing about the trips our Ambassadors take around the world to show caring can happen anywhere! Rich L, Atlanta Inside Sales, and his family went on a mission trip with their church to Samaná, Dominican Republic. Here are his comments and pictures!

“Thank you for your support of our mission trip to Samaná, Dominican Republic. The experience was something we will never forget. The work was back-breaking but very rewarding. VBS [Vacation Bible School] with the kids was fun and exciting. The people were friendly and loving. We thoroughly enjoyed taking a siesta every day from 12pm-2pm, wish we worked this was in the U.S.” – Rich L.

Dominican Republic Church

The church, where we ate all our meals.

Pastor's Home

The work site was the pastor’s home. We filled all the floors with dirt and we are now experts at digging and the “bucket brigade.”

Mission to Dominican Republic

At church on Sunday, birthdays from the previous week were honored.

Mission to Dominican Republic

The Bucket Brigade!

Mission to Dominican Republic

Games during Vacation Bible School at the church!

Mission to Dominican Republic

Time to learn something!

New Friends

One of the many new friends that Ashlee made during VBS Days.

Mission to Dominican Republic

Another new friend!

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2016 American Heart Association Heart Walk

For the second year in a row, we sponsored the amazing American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. The past two years we have had a phenomenal time participating in this event and joining the fight against heart disease. Here’s a little information from their website:

“The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to defeating heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke — the nation’s No.1 and No.5 killers. Thank you, our walkers, donors, and volunteers who help fight heart disease and stroke.”


Here are some pictures from the day of the event! It’s so awesome we had so many Eastern Ambassadors out on Saturday to show support!

AHA Heart Walk - Eastern Group of 22 people
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk Couple
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk
Eastern Industrial Supplies Inc sign with American flag
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk Eastern 2.5 mile Marker Sign
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk Finish Line
AHA Heart Walk
AHA Heart Walk - Learning CPR
AHA Heart Walk
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