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Press Release #1

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Eastern Cares Scholarship

December 15, 2008

Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc is a company that has been a blessing to my family and me in several different ways. Not only did the company give me the opportunity to work for them to fulfill my internship requirements for school, but they have also opened the doors for me to stay here and begin my career.

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Teleios Ministry in Africa

December 9, 2008

Our Director of Eastern Cares, Floyd Parker, is presently overseas working with Teleios Ministry. Floyd is working with a team of individuals on a multi-faceted trip to Africa this year with not only different objectives but also with team members from across the globe. Below Floyd is pictured with women from the Kidetete church. These women are thanking Floyd for delivering the donated women’s health packets. Check out the Teleios Ministry Blog to learn more about his trip.

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