This story is from Todd H in our Greenville, SC Distribution Center. He used a couple of Because You Care Days to help people in Florida after the devastating storms that hit.

Thanks so much for allowing me to serve the people of Central Florida with the SC Baptist Disaster Relief team.
We arrived at Lake Yale conference center late Sunday night and started working early Monday morning. First, we removed a tree in a rural area that was blocking the road (dirt road) that the school bus had to go down on its route. Next, we removed a tree from an elderly widows roof (picture below) our last task was to serve a 92-year-old man that was grieving the loss of his wife of 70 years. Mr. Pruitt used to serve with the Florida Disaster Relief team, we were honored to remove a tree from his property that was blocking a canal that was used by local residents. Wednesday was a travel day back home, even though we were only there for 2 work days, we were able to help, encourage and just listen to people that wanted to tell you their story.
Todd H
Greenville, SC