From Spencer L on how he used two of his five Because You Care Days (Mission Days) offered by Eastern.


My wife, Janet, is the Children’s Minister at Roebuck Baptist Church and I usually use my missions day each year helping her with different events. I used two days this year for their Vacation Bible School.  Roebuck is one of the few churches that still offer a daytime bible school. Most of them are now done at night. Since it is during the day, we have been able to minister to some of the local daycare facilities. This year we had three daycares that came to bible school. This was such a blessing to be able to share with the children of our community. I decided to use my days on Monday and Friday because the first day and last day of bible school are usually the most hectic. We were very blessed to have a great group of children. It was actually divided into three groups for VBS. We had preschool, 1st-6th grade, and middle school.  It was a great week to be with these children and with all of the great workers. I am very blessed that Eastern provides these days for its employees to use to serve their communities.