Sam from our Anderson, SC branch used several of his Because You Care Days to serve at this youth camp. Eastern gives each employee five Because You Care Days to do mission work and serve our communities each year. In his own words:

This summer I had the opportunity to serve at a youth camp in Clarkston, GA for 5 days.  The camp was organized by a group called “Friends of Refugees.”  When the US receives refugees, many of them are resettled in Clarkston, GA.  In fact, the city has resettled over 40,000 refugees from many different countries in the past 25 years.  The campers ranged from kindergarten to fifth grade.  We spent each day getting to know the kids through playing games, leading bible studies, and sharing meals.  In the evenings, we would make home visits in attempts to get to know the adult members of the families.  Many of these visits required the use of Google Translate to overcome the language barrier when communicating.  Through my time there, I had the chance to meet many interesting folks from all over the world! I’ve gained a greater understanding of how the refugee resettlement program in America works, and I was able to gain a strong sense of empathy for how difficult it is to provide for one’s family when living in a foreign country with a language barrier.

~Sam Q

Sam Q in Clarkson GA Youth Camp by "Friends of Refugees" Group Picture
Sam Q and two children in Clarkson GA Youth Camp by "Friends of Refugees"
Sam Q in Clarkson GA Youth Camp by "Friends of Refugees" Group Playing a Game