From Jan H (originally posted on the Teleios Blog*)

Sunday, November 6…What a wonderful day to be in the house of the Lord and what better place to be but at ACTS Fellowship in Iringa, Tanzania!

The people of the church allowed us to worship with them, along with the people of Kidete. Dr. Floyd Parker preached and conducted a wedding at the same time. We sang, danced, worshiped and celebrated – all of which were pleasing to the Lord.

After a time of rest, we attended the celebration/reception of Raymond and Jessica (who made a beautiful bride, by the way!)

At this time, we ate and danced. Brian, “Bubba,” brought greetings and blessings from the Team as we presented our gift of a mattress.

What a blessing it is to be in Iringa with Neema, Mpeli and the children of Daily Bread of Life, our family.


Betha and Husband
Betha's Pre Wedding Party
Betha Wedding

From Bubba H

I went on this trip with mixed emotions. This trip was moved up from January to November because of the rains and the scope of work to be done. It was a little scary, leaving Hannah, who would sign up, could we get the funds for Jan. Floyd and I decided we would make a plan and let GOD work out the rest. And that is just what we did!

Floyd and I made a plan of the piping system that we wanted to install at Daily Bread Life.  It was urgent that we protect the foundations of the buildings on-site. The sidewalks that fellow associates had built were in danger of being lost because of the rains. I was worried that Mpeli would not be able to find materials that we needed for the project. Floyd had talked with him several times coaching him on what we needed. The rest was in God’s hands. There is no Lowes to run to in Tanzania.

Then God started to WORK! Kip approved more mission days for me. John Stephenson (Eastern – Charlotte) signed up for the trip along with Preston. We had things worked out for Hannah while we were gone. Our church paid the money for Jan’s trip. We were all set to go, but I still had doubts. Can we do all this work in a week? Will Mpeli find a backhoe? Will I remember how to run it! It has been 5 years you know. LOL. But I found that with God’s help and a very determined Floyd Parker we could do anything.

We were greeted at the airport by Mpeli, Maka, and Roy. It was surreal to be back and for Jan to be with me. The next day we traveled to Iringa and got a welcome from the children like no other. All the materials we had ordered were there. The next day came the backhoe (that I had not forgotten how to run). We laid pipe and built boxes to catch the rainwater. We hung gutters and piped them to the boxes. Rock was placed in the wash areas to stop further problems. The whole time Neema, Mpeli, and the children were helping. It was not easy work and we had no problem sleeping at night. The Lord was definitely present on this trip.

We had an unforgettable trip. Being with my wife and three Godly men on this trip will be a lasting memory of mine. But I want people to know that the work is NOT done. There is plenty more to do at Daily Bread Life and Asanta Sana children’s homes. I will be helping Floyd to encourage people to go to Tanzania or anywhere the Lord draws you to go. I never dreamed I would go on a mission trip like this. It was Jack Sullivan who planted the seed in me about Tanzania. Then GOD took over. Floyd asked the question on my first trip “Why would Americans come to Tanzania? Why would they come to the village of Kidete?” Then he answered, “Where here they could find the Lord.” Nothing could be truer. Let’s keep Kip, Kim, Floyd, Bonnie, Neema, and Mpeli’s dream alive! Who knows what you will find on a mission trip!