Five o’clock on an early summer morning, Joe Johnson, Dave Marshall, Larry Reno, and Joe’s father, Tony Johnson arrived at The Sulzbacher Center for the homeless in Jacksonville to assist in serving breakfast to the residents. On this particular morning, they were greeted by a former resident who now serves at the center as a way to show appreciation for the opportunity he now has to “give back,” as he had been a resident there some time ago. After serving breakfast, he then rides his bicycle ten miles to where he works! He puts over a hundred miles a week on his bicycle.

The Eastern crew shared that meeting this man and learning of the sacrifice he makes so that he can serve, helped them to put their “meager sacrifice” to serve in perspective and appreciating so much more their opportunity to serve others.

Jacksonville The Sulzbacher Center Joe and Dave preparing cereal
Jacksonville preparing food at The Sulzbacher Center Joe Larry and David
Jacksonville The Sulzbacher Center Joe serving coffee