I am a member of Westover Church in Greensboro, NC. This summer, we took our entire youth group, consisting of 193 teens with 23 adult volunteers to Atlanta, GA, to serve with different non-profit organizations. The adult volunteers served as cooks, work group leaders, drivers, and supervisors. Our caravan for the eight-day trip included eighteen 15-passenger vans, three SUV’s, and a PENSKE truck for all the luggage, food, etc. We were housed at a youth center just outside of Atlanta, graciously provided by a Presbyterian church with which we are affiliated.

That first Sunday, we went to Passion City Church where our students got to hear Pastor Louie Giglio and Author/Evangelist Ravi Zacharias. During the week, our group worked with several different organizations throughout Atlanta. My group worked with Open Hands Atlanta, where we packaged and delivered specialized meal plans to many elderly with health conditions. In fact, it turned out that my group packaged and delivered more meals than any other volunteer group in the history of Open Hands Atlanta, some 11,300 meals. We now hold the best record, which was previously held by Home Depot.

One night during the week, our entire youth group partnered with Passion City Church and another organization serving food, delivering clothes, and sharing the gospel with the homeless in the heart of Atlanta.

All in all, my Westover group gave their best throughout the week in serving others and were fully renewed in our faith.


-Will J

Greensboro, NC

2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip 1
2016-06 Westover Youth in Atlanta Mission Trip