On Easter Sunday, 16 amazing young adults and 3 adults from Mckendree United Methodist Church set off on a mission trip to Villa Clara in the Dominican Republic. With the help of 4 Dominican nationals we were able to complete the following:

1. Dug a mountain of dirt by hand with picks and shovels for footers for a retaining wall behind the Pastors house.
2. Moved said dirt by wheel barrel and bucket brigade to two locations. Approximately 100 yards from the house.
3. Screened rock and gravel and sifted the same to make the concrete and mortar for the block retaining wall.
4. Moved the concrete and mortar by wheel barrel to the house.
5. Passed the block by hand for the wall from 4 locations to areas around the house.
All of this was done with zero complaining or in-fighting the entire week. The good Lord was with us the entire time. We were also able to enjoy a day at the beach.
~Rich L.
Atlanta, GA