Special Olympics Eastern Volunteers Group Picture
Volunteers Zach Galloway and Daughter

“It was awesome to see how each athlete was special in their own, unique way. They were full of personality. My favorite part of the day was seeing the excitement on their faces after winning a game or event!” ~Amber L


“So many things stuck with me but most of all was the unfaltering excitement and joy of the athletes. They have a life full of challenges but their outlook always stays positive. Makes you feel guilty for EVER complaining! Life lesson learned!” ~Joni S


“I do it every year and it never seems to amaze me how happy they are and it always a blessing to see the big smiles on their faces. It’s a great event and I would strongly urge anyone who’s never had the opportunity to take part in it to do so. They are just a joy to be around.” ~Jason T


“I was blown away to see how much our people love it!  There is quite a difference between doing something out of obligation or with joyful passion.” ~David K


“I love that these kids take pride in the games that they compete in.  They do their best, and earning a medal brings such a smile to their face.  It is a fun day for both participants and volunteers!!” ~Erin S

Volunteers Lori and Laura
David Kay - Director of Eastern Cares
Volunteers AJ and Zach
Four tents set up with Games
Volunteers Lori and Savanna