Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc., headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina is the exclusive Distributor of Bell-O-Seal Valves in the United States.  Bell-O-Seal Valves are proven to be superior to competitors valves because of the stringent manufacturing and engineering practices around Bell-O-Seal valves.  Belloseal valves are unmatched in their versatility, construction, and durability.

Belloseal valves only at Eastern Industrial Supplies Inc

Rely on Bell-O-Seal valves for a wide range of projects including the movement of hazardous material and other difficult to handle liquids and gases in your facility.  You’ll find Bell-Seal has a complete assortment of valves in all sizes and configurations including flange, welded, and threaded.  In use, Bell-O-Seal valves will offer years of dependable use.  Bellow seal valves assure safe operating conditions and meet or exceed anti-pollution compliance regulations.

Bell-O-Seal Valves, bellow seal valves

Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc stocks Bell-O-Seal valves in all of our 15 locations and online at www.easternfirst.com.  Our Team of Expert Sales People can assist you with selecting and specifying the correct Bell-O-Seal valve for your needs.  Please reach out to your Sales Person or contact us at 866-255-2072 during business hours or contact us online 24 hours a day to learn more about bellow seal valves.